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Sensei David Brough

Sensei David Brough
Sensei David Brough

David Brough started training in martial arts aged 14 when he started Shotokan Karate. Four years later in 1994 he received his black belt in Karate from Sensei Dave Hazard (7th Dan) while training with Sensei Ronnie Ross (6th Dan) of the HKA.

David trained on and off with several Shotokan karate clubs through his University education, training in Aberdeen, Manchester, and Wilmslow. During this time David had the opportunity to train with many great Karateka (e.g. Senseis Kanazawa (10th Dan), Kato (9th Dan), Kagawa (8th Dan) and others).

In 2006 David started training Ju Jitsu with Sensei Andy Smith (2nd Dan) in Wilmslow. David competed at national and international competitions winning medals in all categories. He received his black belt in October 2011 graded by Senseis Pape (10th Dan), Goeghegan (9th Dan), and Rhodes (6th Dan). In August 2015 David was awarded 2nd Dan graded by Senseis Pape (10th Dan), Goeghegan (9th Dan), Idle (7th Dan), Asbery (7th Dan) and Rhodes (6th Dan). David has been a qualified Level 2 Coach (BJJAGB) since 2010 and Level 3 Coach (BJJAGB) since 2016.

In David’s professional life he is a scientist working to understand the mechanisms and causes of devastating brain diseases. In particular, his recent research has identified potential ways of targeting damaging processes that happen in Alzheimer’s disease. As such one of the charities, we will be supporting is the Alzheimer’s Society.

For more information on the charity, see our dedicated page.