VIDEO: China’s Terracotta Warriors Come to Liverpool

Liverpool has some very special visitors this year as China’s Terracotta Warriors arrive in the UK.

This exciting exhibition is currently taking place at the World Museum on William Brown Street and will continue through to October 28th.

For those unfamiliar with this hugely important find, here goes……

For over 2,000 years, an underground army of life-sized terracotta warriors secretly guarded the tomb of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, until a chance discovery in 1974 unlocked the mysteries of a vanished empire.

China's Terracotta Warriors
China’s Terracotta Warriors

The exhibition featuring 10 of the statues also includes a number of objects that have never been on show in the UK, some excavated over the last 40 years from the Imperial Mausoleum and selected tombs. These spectacular artefacts will shed light on the Emperor’s pursuit of immortality and show how he prepared for the afterlife.

To find out more head to the World Museum website.

Tickets are available to buy online.

  • £14.50 for adults
  • £13.00 for concessions
  • £5.50 for children aged between 6 and 17 years
  • Free for children aged 5 years and under

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